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About us

1. Corporate Vision:To be a global premium brand supplier of automotive lamp and automotive accessories, and build a world-known brand of automotive lamp and auto accessories;

2. Enterprise mission: To be the innovaion of automotive lamp and automotive accessories, serving the science and technology society;

3. Entrepreneurial spirit: To be sureness, to work earnestly.

4. Enterprise purpose: people-oriented, common development;

5. Business management policy: quality, technology, efficiency and development;

6. Talent concept: Treat people with sincere, unite people with career, and motivate people with achievements;

7. Core values: rigorous, responsible, efficient, innovative and optimistic. The company adheres to the rigorous and rigorous enterprise spirit, adheres to the integrity, cooperation and cooperation, shared responsibility, constantly innovating the management mechanism, focusing on efficient operation, thus making Groupstar to be the company that makes employees proud, customer satisfied and the public recognition.

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